The concept to dream up the formation of a Rural Sacco was conceived as a result of demands From members of Nderi farmer’s co-operative society (dairy) for an affordable and convenient Savings and credit institution. Subsequently, Ndetika Rural Sacco Ltd; deriving its first name from milk collection centre’s that is: Nderi, Tiebae, Karai and Kamuguga,was registered on 29th April 1993 with the ministry of Co-operatives. Its area of operations is currently Kikuyu division, however in time, we will be intensifying nationally. Overtime, Ndetika was transformed into a Community based Sacco, membership is defined by a common bond, being resident, owning property or working in its area of operations. In the year 2011 it was rebranded to NRS SACOO SOCEITY LTD.
To be the leading financial service provider in Kenya.
We raise the standards of living of our members through provision of affordable customer Focused prudent financial services

P-Professionalism in our business
R-Relationship-Value our relationships and respecting our customers
U-Unite our members through unlimited service delivery to all
D-Development of customers focused products
E-Efficient use of resources and effective management
N-Nurture our customers’ financial growth, and proactively respond to their needs
T-Team work and Talent development to all our stake holders